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Fortom Chimica Srl applies a rigorous procedure of waste ANALYSIS and IDENTIFICATION.
On a representative sample our chemical laboratory carries out a complete and detailed study about the Customer’s kind of waste.
For every kind of waste we propose a detailed economical offer with different solutions, which depend on the Customer’s requirement. Our Customer can also decide to cede the waste or ask for the account of manufacture.
Fortom Chimica Srl comes up with the best option assessing the waste treatment for the recycling, the quality and the amount of the product recycled and its use.
The company receives daily the waste in tank trucks, tanks or in steel drums on pallets; it performs chemical-physical treatments and returns on the market the recovered product, on tank trucks, tanks or in steel drums .
Fortom Chimica Srl can do:

  • the recovery;

  • the refining of products, which don’t fulfil the Customer’s technical specification;

  • the preparation of end-items on the Customer’s request.

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Waste disposal

Fortom Chimica Srl offers good and economical possibilities to dispose waste for:
1- Thermo destruction
2-Chemical-physical treatment for the solid waste.


Fortom Chimica Srl has about 1.000 mc. available for the stocking, which can be divided into:
N° 16 tanks with a 24 mc. capacity for the end-items
N° 10 tanks with a 36 mc. capacity for the raw material
N° 6 tanks with a 40 mc. capacity for the processing

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